DIY: Magnetic Frame for Stencils (3D Printed)




Introduction: DIY: Magnetic Frame for Stencils (3D Printed)

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I'm helping a lot to my family with lots of different stuff. This time I'm happy to share with you a magnetic frame holder for the stencils, which my wife is using to paint on her delicious cookies. The overall costs of this frame is under 4$, and could be made in less than 6 hours (most time consuming stage is 3D printing).


  • 16 x 5x5mm cylinder shaped neodymium magnets, like these
  • 3D printer or access to it
  • Permanent marker
  • Super Glue

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Step 1: Models to Print

As always, I'm happy to share models that are designed by me. There are 2 models, attached to this step with different size, 150x 150mm and 200x200 mm. To made this frame, you have to print 2 copies of the desired size with any favourite plastic, I used PLA. You can grab models from here, or download from my Thingiverse page

Print setting are quite simple, it's enough to print with 15-20% infill, 0.2 layer thickness and with 3 shells, if you have nozzle 0.4 mm (most common).

Step 2: Preparing Magnets

This step is important and will help to make sure that all magnets are properly oriented and frame could be looked in any position.

Soā€¦ take one magnet and, using permanent marker, put a dot on any of it flat side, we'll be using it as reference.

Take another magnet and stick it to the not marked side of the reference magnet, mark the outside edge of the magnet. repeat the same with all other magnets.

Once frame printed, apply a drop of super glue in the hole for the magnet and push the magnet into the hole with marked side in the hole. Repeat the same with all magnets.

Note: You can easily push magnets in their places in the frame by covering magnet with a coin and push on it with hand.

Step 3: Putting All Together and Usage

Take the one part of the frame, with magnets upside, cover it with stencil and lock with another one part, which oriented with magnets downside. You'll get a solid object with your favourite pattern inserted in it.

Be careful, magnets are small but quite strong and can jam your fingers.

Now you can cover any object, e.g. cookie, in my case and paint it with airbrush. As result, you'll get cookie with image on it.

Thank you for reading and happy painting.

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    11 days ago

    Clever little device for decorating cookies :)


    Reply 11 days ago

    Thank you. My wife also think so, it helps her with decorating.