DIY Magnetic Minimalist Sheath for Multitools





Introduction: DIY Magnetic Minimalist Sheath for Multitools

Hi, everyone.  Not too long ago I made a ranger band minimalist sheath for my knives and multitools.  After posting that idea on a forum, I got a good suggestion on trying to make a minimalist sheath by magnetic force.  And this video will show what I developed based on that wonderful suggestion.  Hope you like it!



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    1 year ago

    I'm seeing nothing but a black box. Please post a proper Instructable with descriptive text and pictures.

    I wasn't actually able to watch the video, my app crashes when I try. I was talking about the one in the photo. It looks exactly like mine.

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    Sorry to hear that, hope you'd be able to watch it. The one shown on picture is Victorinox Swisstool :)

    Thanks for watching! There are a few multitools featured in this video:
    Victorinox Swisstool
    Victorinox Swisstool Spirit X
    Victorinox Swisstool Spirit S Black oxide
    Leatherman Surge Black oxide
    The one that is shinny and with most appearance is the Victorinox Swisstool Spirit X, which is my EDC. :)

    I see an easily lost knife. Might look good on paper but in the real world that thing will get snagged, drop, and you will be none the wiser where it is.

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    I had been wearing these designs for the past month and am happy to report that after all the running/jogging/jumping/running up and down thousands of stairs on a daily basis, all three designs are fine and I had my tools with me till this day.

    If stealing/snagging is an issue, I'd recommend to go with design #2 or #3 if it is desirable. The effort of taking the tool out of those two designs will be more than taking a tool out of a zipped pouch or a knife/tool clipped onto a pocket.

    Sorry, my typo, I should say thousands of stairs for a month, there are only 30+ steps, and I run up and down that daily.

    Very well might be fine for city life. Out in the country I've had deep sitting pocket clip knives snagged and pulled out without knowing.

    That's a good point, and thanks for the heads up. I can't attest how well will this perform in country setting for long-term usage. Maybe a more traditional sheath or the ranger band carry is a better option that this.