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Introduction: DIY Magnetic Stirrer

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Hello there. Now I'm going to show you how to make a magnetic stirrer.

Magnetic stirrer is a laboratory device that is used to mix solutions. And also heat a solution. But my magnetic stirrer is a verry simple one. It can only used to mix solutions.

Step 1: Things That You Need

To make this I used only few things. All of them recovered from old circuit boards. I didn't have a project box to assemble this. So I decided to make it myself. Here are the things that you need....

  • A computer fan
  • Magnet ( recovered from hard disk)
  • A switch
  • LED (optional)
  • Wires
  • 1k resistor
  • D.C. power connector
  • cardboards (for the box )
  • Glass sheet (10cm × 10cm)

I got cardboards from old diary. I used hot glue and double sided adhesive tape to make the box and assemble the circuit. I used glass sheet to the top. Because glass is stable with most of chemicals.

Step 2: The Box

Cut above pieces from cardboard. (in the picture) Now punch two holes in the 5x10cm sized board. (one for LED, another one for switch). Then get the 10x3.5 sized board and make a hole to put the dc adapter.

Step 3: Circuit

Before make the circuit, assemble the box with hot glue(2nd picture). Then solder the circuit.

Step 4: Assemble

Now glue the fan to the box and glue the 10x3.5 cm board. Then glue the 5x10cm sized board to the box. Now glue the magnet in the middle of the fan*. Ok. Now keep the glass on the box. You can use a plastic coated metal nails as the stirring bar.


You can keep a piece of metal between the fan and the magnet. It will stop spilling the motor.

Step 5: Finish.

Now you can paint or add any decoration. Thanks for reading.

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    10 Discussions

    Nice low-budget stirrer, thanks.
    As Amit_Jain suggested, a metal shield should help. To improve upon that, you could use 2 small magnets on top of a steel strip. If you weight balance this strip to either side of the fan axle, the wobble will remain minimal. At the same time, the magnetic field is 'restricted' to the steel strip, and the fan motor will remain unaffected.

    1 reply

    You're welcome. And also thank you very much for your informations.

    the fan gets spoilt by the magnet, in few days. how long did your's last ?

    3 replies

    My fan gets spoilt too. I think the the problem because of the magnet. I'm still finding a solution. I'm sorry about that. But I realize that when I keep the magnet in the centre of the fan It work well. And also I kept a thick cardboard between the magnet and the fan.

    Use metal plate instead of cardboard , between fan and magnet.

    it should act as shield, I think