DIY - Magnetic Welding Clamp




Intro: DIY - Magnetic Welding Clamp

Sometimes when welding does not easily attach the ground clamp.
For this type of problem, there are some commercial solutions based on magnetic clamps.

This is my cheap solution for this problem, good for hobbyists' work.

Step 1: Find a Magnet From Scrap

I find a magnet from scrap, you can use any type for this purpose.

The bigger the better because can lead most amperes.

Step 2: Fix the Magnet on Clamp

Fix the magnet on the welding clamp.

For this operation, i have used a bolt and replace the original bolt on the clamp.

Step 3: Test

Finally, I have tested the solution.
The welding, make with magnet clamp, compared with the welding make with classic clamp, it's same.

Step 4: Video

In the video, you can see how it works.
It's good also for block little pieces like a washer.



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    11 months ago

    I wonder how much time it would take until the magnet would be noticeably hot. But if you see no difference in the welds, it works great!