DIY Mail Person Gifts!

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Hi everyone and welcome to my Holiday series!

Today I wanted to share something I am very passionate about and that is giving back to your community! I recently left my amazing job as a community coordinator to stay at home and raise my son. Since being home I have realized that I not only enjoyed helping the community as a job, but it is built into me to help and give back!

This Holiday season I will be showing you how I give back in small ways and how it can make a big impact on our communities!

In this fun DIY we are giving back to our mail deliver people who work so hard to get us our packages! I know I do a lot of holiday online shopping so I thought this DIY would be great and I hope you do too!

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Step 1: Supplies

For this DIY I wanted to check out Dollar Tree for their snacks! Here are a few things I picked up:

  • Oreos 4 pack
  • Cheese its 4 pack
  • Cracker Jacks 3 pack
  • Cheese Dips 6 pack
  • Almond Trail Mix 2
  • Beef Jerky 2
  • Tic Tacs 3 pack
  • Waters 6 pack
  • Bucket 1

Step 2: How To

I organized everything nicely into a cute bucket and put it out front with a chalk board sign. Here is a picture to see what It said.

Step 3: Thank You & Follow Me!

Thank you so much to all the mail delivery people! I hope you all try this DIY out and see what kind of reactions you get! I heard my UPS guy say OMG so cool! For more fun DIYs follow me on Youtube and Instagram @sweetblyss



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