DIY Make Light Bulb Smart Phone Projector at Home Easy Way




Introduction: DIY Make Light Bulb Smart Phone Projector at Home Easy Way

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Light Bulb

Shoe Box

USB Speakers

Mobile Power Bank

Caution :

Take care while handling blades and while breaking filament

Let's Get Started

Step 1: Preparing Light Bulb

Remove the filament in the light bulb after removing wash it water and clean it you will get a clear bulb.

Step 2: Fixing the Bulb to Shoe Box

Place the empty bulb over the one upside portion of box and mark around the bulb shape and using a scissor cut it and place the bulb in the cut portion and apply tape on both sides and apply more plaster pieces to fix the bulb firmly.It looks like as shown in last picture.

Step 3: Preparing Mobile Holder to Fix in the Box

Take another card board sheet that fixes tightly inside the box and fold it and remove the excess portion after folding and using gum or tape stick it and it looks like a rectangular sheet that fixes inside the box tightly and holds the mobile.

Step 4: Fixing Usb Speakers in Box

Take the usb speakers and fix inside the box using double side foam tape by making holes on back side.

Step 5: Fill the Bulb With Water

Fill the light bulb with water it serves as a magnifier.

Step 6: Fixing the Inside Contents

Now fix the final part Mobile to mobile holder using Double side foam tape and fix it inside the box.and connect the usb speakers to mobile with 3.5mm jack and power source through mobile power bank.

Step 7: Fixing Box Lid

After fixing inside contents fix the lid over the box and give necessary cuts to fix the lid to box.

Step 8: Testing Time

1.Increase mobile brightness to 100%

2.Turn off Auto Screen Rotation

3.If you are using MX player go to display settings and stop screen rotation.

4.And Finally play video upside down and place it inside the projection box

5.Adjust the position of mobile inside the box behind the bulb to see the clear projection without blur and watch the movie.

Step 9: Results

These are the results of the projector.

Thanks for watching my article and bye bye have a great day.

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    3 years ago


    I made one with 60W bulb, but the enlarge picture QUALITY is NOT so
    clear, kindly let me know, if there any way to improve the image/video



    4 years ago



    Reply 4 years ago

    That isn't very nice mate, it's a pretty great smartphone projecter if I do say so myself.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Simple doesnt mean bad, this is genius