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Kids are fascinated with flight, so I decided to make toy "Paper Parachute" by creating parachutes using just paper and strings. When we drop from height or through it into the sky it comes back in its style. You can add a artificial human to the Parachute as a weight. So Here’s how to make one.

Lets Begin!

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Step 1: Materials List

1. Trash bag or paper grocery bag

2. Washer or any weight

3. Scissors

Step 2: Built the Canopy

Cut out an 16 inch (40 cm) hexagon (or circle) out of paper bag.

Make 4-6 holes at the boundry of the paper . Make sure you should not make any extra hole to paper orit will damage the canopy

Step 3: Cut String

Cut number of string equal to no. of holes of around 18-20-inch pieces, tie the end of each string through the holes, and tie them to the parachute.

Step 4: Mark Holes and Tie Them

With the help of string tie both washer and paper clearly.

Made sure they do not cross or mesh each other or it will not work properly.


Problem: 'My parachute doesn't open!'

Solution1: Make sure that the tape isn’t stuck to the wrong part of the parachute.
Solution2: Untangle the strings.
Solution3: Try a larger weight.
Solution4: Drop it from a higher vantage point.

Problem: 'My parachute doesn't slow the falling enough!'

Solution1: Your parachute is too small for that weight. Make a bigger chute or get smaller weight
Solution2: There are holes on the chute. Tape it, or make another.

Step 6: See What You Have Made!

After your toy parachute is finished, you could go upstairs, and drop it to see your creation at work! You can put a Artificial human, ball anything you want into the cup as a “passenger,” as long as it isn't too big or too heavy.

You don’t want it crashing to the ground and breaking things. After dropping it, you could rush downstairs or to the yard to see where and how the parachute has landed.

This marks the end of this instructable. Hope you liked it.

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