DIY: Make Your Own Stamps

Introduction: DIY: Make Your Own Stamps

In this DIY we are going to explain how you can make stamps.


(big) Eraser

Carving knife

pencil (to sketch your idea out first)

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Step 1: Draw Out Your Idea

First make sure that you have all the materials. Then sketch out your idea on the eraser.

Tip: While you are sketching out your idea make sure that if you want to have a text you sketch it mirrored.

Step 2: Carve Out Your Idea

Grab your carving knife and carve peace’s out of the eraser so you get the shape that you want

Tip: Don’t carve in your own direction, because then you will hurt yourself.

Step 3: Using It

Now your stamps our down you can use them. You can use them with paint or with a stamping mat

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