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This is a very easy to make and really cute makeup bag.
You can keep your makeup stuffs organized in it and you can also take it out in parties as a purse :) 

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Step 1: Cut

You need:

Exterior piece
Interior piece

Cut out Exterior piece, interior piece and foam in same measurement
Height 38 cm
Width 34 cm

Step 2: Get Em Ready (Exterior Piece)

Place the exterior piece on the foam.
Sew one side so it doesn’t move too much, you can also use berry pins if you wish.
Now, Draw some diagonal lines and keep same distance between them.
Next draw some of more diagonal lines from the opposite side as they cross the previous lines.

Step 3: Get Em Ready (Interior Piece)

We’re going to add some pockets in the interior piece.
Take another piece of fabric about 8 cm or bigger if you wish, all we need to do is sew it on the interior piece just leaving one side open.

Step 4: Zip It

Now I’m going to cut them in half. You can cut them in the first place but I find it easy this way. Put the zip over the exterior piece (as shown in the picture) then put the interior piece over it and sew along the zip. Do the same with the other exterior and interior piece.

Step 5:

put the bow attached ribbon on the exterior piece sew it and sew the sides and bottom of the bag, remember to keep the zip open at least half way through so we can fold the bag inside out when we’re done.

Step 6: The Base

Okay now take the corner ( as the picture) sew along keep about  2.5 cm space.
Fold the right side out and TADAAA the makeup bag is ready   :)

I hope you guys enjoy making one L)))

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    4 years ago

    I love love love this it is so adorable I am so gonna make one. thnkx for sharing :-)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    So cute, I wouldn't have believed that you actually made it if I didn't see the looks like a bag sold in stores!

    3 replies