DIY Marble Run Game




Introduction: DIY Marble Run Game

Supplies you need:


2-4 paper towel rolls (or wallpaper roll)

3 popsicles

2 yogurt cans



Glue gun


Pencil (optional)

Paint and paintbrushes (optional)

Step 1:

Take a box and cut it around 20 inch to 7 inch (50 cm to 18 cm)

Step 2:

Take 2 paper towel rolls ( i took wallpaper rolls) and place these on the cardboard as shown on the picture and hot glue it.

Step 3:

Take a knife and make half a circle (based on the size of your marble) and then cut paper towel roll in half as shown on the picture and then hot glue it

Step 4:

Cut the 2 yougurt cans as shown on the picture

Step 5:

Hot glue them as shown in the picture

Step 6:

Hot glue popsicles so the exit line is fit for your marble size.

Step 7:

Try your game - it should work like in my video or even better))))))))



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    Very nice! Making marble runs is a great craft project, and always a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing how you made yours :)

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