DIY Mason Jar Glass Light Covers

Introduction: DIY Mason Jar Glass Light Covers

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Add style and color to any room by creating simple mason jars light covers.
This project is so quick and easy to do and the light fixtures you can create are endless.

Materials Needed:
-Mason jar(s)
-Light fixture
-Light bulbs
-Exacto Knife

Time: 10-15 minutes for each light you cover.

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Step 1: Choose Fixture

Each light bulb gets it's own cover.
Since I wanted covers for a wall sconce and a chandelier with multiple light bulbs, I needed:

-1 mason jar
-1 metal light base bought at Ikea for $15.
-1 light bulb

-3 mason jars
-1 chandelier previously hung on ceiling and bought from Ikea for a mere $30.

Almost any base will work.
To create a gorgeous glass pennant effect, hang several mason jars from ceiling at different heights using $5 Ikea cord sets. The end result is stunning.

Step 2: Create Glass Covers

  • Remove metal top from mason jars Each top will have 2pcs; an exterior ring and an inside flat circle. These pieces will become the base of glass light cover.
  • Trace the circumference of light bulb socket onto the middle of flat circle. If there's a cover piece around socket, unscrew it before tracing. Remove circle with exacto knife and scissors.
  • With 2 top pieces together and upside down, wiggle them around light bulb socket.
-They need to fit snugly around socket base.

  • Put cover piece back over socket and screw in light bulb.
Then, just place your mason jar over light bulb and screw into top pieces(now base) and voila!

Step 3: Possiblities Are Endless!

Create glass covers for all kinds of unique light fixtures!

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