DIY Mason Jar Lava Lamp!




Introduction: DIY Mason Jar Lava Lamp!

  • The lava lamp is a stress reliever without tiring out your hands. It relaxes your brain through your eyes as it is such a pleasing sight. Unfortunately, this relieving sight is pricey and it only activates if you turn on the light. Well now, you can enjoy a basically free lava lamp and customize it as you wish!


-Vegetable oil


-Alka Seltzer

-Your choice of food coloring

-Small to medium sized Mason jar

Step 1:

Gather all of your ingredients for your Mason Jar Lava Lamp.

Step 2:

Grab the Mason Jar, vegetable oil, your chosen color, and water. Pour the oil into the jar until three fourths filled. Fill the rest of the jar with water. The water will sink to the bottom because it is denser than oil. Add six to eight drops of food. This too, will sink because of its density. Make sure to leave some room.

Step 3:

Lastly, gradually break pieces of Alka-Seltzer. The lava lamp will activate almost immediately once enough is added. As you can see, I chose a very deep dark color, so when I put the flashlight under the lava lamp, the light only helped so much.

Step 4:

Seal your homemade lava lamp and optionally put your phone’s flashlight behind it for flare! There you go, a stress reliever for your eyes.

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    2 years ago

    This would be a fun way to make one for a science class project :)