DIY Meade ETX 125 Case

Introduction: DIY Meade ETX 125 Case


This is my first project. I have been using the original Meade Case for my ETX 125 telescope, but this is very heavy and impractical, so I decided to become one with high density foam and a suitcase with four wheels.

You will need:
A Suitcase
High density foam
Acoustic Foam
Contact Glue
Duct Tape

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Step 1:

The process began by making a paper pattern of the form inside the suitcase. In this pattern, I drew the shape of the telescope and the resulting model, which divided into 5 parts. These pieces were used to cut the figures on the high density foam, so that were 6 replicates of each piece (taking into account a height of 2.8 cm-1.1 inches) to achieve a total height of 21 cm-8 inches .

Once cut the pieces, glue them on a bed of Styrofoam throughout the interior of the suitcase. I used one of Lucas Tek 75 cm x 47 cm x 24 cm, about 28 "x 18" x 9.5 "- four wheels. I recommend you try the contact glue before on a piece of Styrofoam, as some brands have volatile compounds that break the material.

Bonding of the foam pieces is first made on the bed of styrofoam and layer by layer, adding the foam pieces one on another and applying pressure immediately (at least one minute) and, once all one level is terminated, leaving it under pressure for about 5 minutes. It is important to do this for a good bonding of the pieces, because, by moving in and out of the telescope, may fail if not done right

When you have 6 floors of foam glued and aligned (if parts do not fit, you can cut with a cutter styrofoam), use duct tape on the sides, to strengthen the structure. Let it dry for 10 to 12 hours and try it in the suitcase. If the base does not fit, you can cut it as shown in the pics.

To reinforce the connection of the parts of high density foam, use pieces of it to paste between them, on the top floor (you can see in the last picture of this step)

Remember to test the input and output of the telescope; if it is very tight, it may be difficult to remove and the structure will be taking off. Cut out the shape until it is convenient for telescope´s storage and removal.
To save the eyepieces, barlow or any other attachment, you can make small holes with a knife, the size and depth you require.

Step 2:

I applied a layer of low density foam on the top, just for aesthetic purposes. Finally, put the structure in the suitcase and surround with the remaining slug of high density foam, to generate better protection. On the bed of Styrofoam and covering the walls, you can glue a layer of acoustic or normal foam

To hold the telescope in place, you can cut a piece of the shape of the hole to place on the telescope.

Finally, to help to put it out safely, you can cut a Styrofoam tube, surround it with duck tape and do some extensions, which will help you easily remove it without hurting the engine stops

As an additional measure, you can use the external pouch of the suitcase to place a piece of medium density foam

I hope this tutorial will be useful, an apology for my bad grammar  ;)

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    2 years ago

    How is this holding up? Are there any modifications you would do?


    Reply 1 year ago

    No modifications needed, you just need to adjust the foam to the luggage form. Sorry for the delay