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I decided to do something "pretty" haha. What do you think? please help support my art by subscribing to my youtube!

Step 1: Fins

First step was the fins on my face! First off I made them with model magic because it's a very light clay, then I took acrylic paint to paint them and while the paint was wet i did sprinkle glitter on top. Next I took some black body paint from Mehron and covered my ears, then i grabbed spirit gum and put that in front of my ears then tapped it tell it was tacky and placed my fins on top.

Step 2: Extra Support

to make sure the fins stayed I placed some liquid latex down and put a cotton ball on top then put more liquid latex on top.

Step 3: Covering Up

So I used the purple Elmers glue stick to cover up my eyebrows I do this often, then I took some concealer from NYX and put that on the brows, over the latex, under my eyes, and on any blemishes on my face.

Step 4: More Covering

Taking my normal foundation I put that all over my face, then used a translucent powder to set all of that makeup.

Step 5: Contour

I used a teal face paint from Mehron to start the contour leading from that fin and I kept the line sharp, Then i took a dark blue eyeshadow from Urban decays electric pallet and a teal shadow from NYX to deepen up the contour. I also drug that dark blue under the chin.

Step 6: More Contour

Taking that same teal color body paint I put that on my brows and down the sides of my nose. I then took the same shadows to deepen it up.

Step 7: Scales

I made scales with that same model magic and also painted them with acrylic paint. Then i put some liquid latex and put it on the back on each scale and pressed it on the skin. I put 4 on each eyebrow then I placed more of the bigger ones by the fins and down that contour line.

Step 8: Shadowing

Taking a dark blue body paint from Mehron I outlined each scale to act as a shadow and help separate each scale.

Step 9: Lid

On my lid I took orange body paint from Mehron and I just patted it up to the teal.

Step 10: Yellow Detail

Taking yellow body paint from Mehron I dotted between the orange and teal, then I added a yellow triangle to the inner corner of my eyes.

Step 11: Yellow Shadow.

I took some yellow shadow from NYX and added that to the outer corner of my eyes and drug it up to my forehead, then I put some yellow shadow on top of the cheek contour and on top of my nose.

Step 12: Dots

I took some yellow body paint from Mehron and randomly placed dots all over the face.

Step 13: Lips

For the lips I took some orange lipsick from NYX and put it all over my lips. You may also use body paint.

Step 14: White

Using NYX liquid eyeliner in while, you can also use white body paint, I placed dots everywhere and also outlined the yellow triangle on my inner corner.

Step 15: Lips

I took that yellow body paint and added dots all around the lips, then I put a little on the center of my lips and patted it out.

Step 16: Gils

I made gils on my neck using cotton balls and latex. I made two on both sides of my neck.

Step 17: Contour

I used the same teal and blue shadows to start the contour, and i added sharp line of teal body paint.

Step 18: Gill Colors

I took an orange color body paint from Mehron and painted the gills, then I added a line of yellow to the top.

Step 19: More Dots

I added yellow and white dots all over the body.

Step 20: Mascara

Last I put on mascara!



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    2 years ago

    Glad you are getting better, and gald you shared this with us. Thus, a BIG thanks.

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    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you. =) I'm happy you're still liking my content! =D