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Introduction: DIY Metallic Scratch Art From a Soda Can

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Hello guys!

Maybe you have done scratch art with crayons as a kid, but in this instructable I'll show you a metallic version of scratch art that's using a soda can!

And this is what you will need:

- any soda can

- scissors that you don't mind getting dull

- watercolours (I'm just using the ones I still have from when I was a kid)

- a paintbrush

- a toothpick ora bamboo skewer

(- a map tack if you want to scratch finer lines)

If you want to hear some bad jokes and watch the tutorial instead of reading it, you can click on the video above! :p

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Cheers mates and enjoy! :)

Step 1: Cut the Can Into a Sheet

First of all, cut the can into a sheet of aluminium.

- Take the can and stab it with your scissors. I like using nail scissors, but you can use any kind.

- Then cutoff the bottom part, cut straight through the middle and cut off the top as well.

And you're left with a sheet of metal!

Step 2: Flatten the Metal

- The sheet needs to be flattened out, but before that make sure that there are no rough edges or pointy corners.

- Then take something in the size of a thick marker and bend the metal around it. With a big sheet like this it can be a bit tricky, but with a smaller sheet it will go much faster.

- Just keep doing that until the metal looks more or less flat.

- Next, cut the sheet into an even rectangle (or any other shape you want). I'm just eyeballing it, but you can draw lines on the back of the sheet with a permanent marker as well.

- The corners are quite pointy so I recommend to round them off with your scissors.

- And your scratching surface is ready!

Step 3: Paint the Sheet

Now it's time to paint the sheet with the watercolours!

- You don't want the paint to be too watery, because then it will come off too easily, but also not too thick, because then it will be hard to scratch. But just try it out and experiment! I experienced differences between different paint brands as well.

- Here I was trying to make a galaxy, so I used a bit more water than usual since it makes the colours blend and creates some interesting shapes.

- It's not really possible to do more than one coat because the paint comes off if you try to go over it. But the advantage about that is that you can always repaint the sheet if you're unhappy with it.

- When you're done, let the paint dry and your scratching surface is ready!

Step 4: Scratch Your Art!

- To scratch off the paint, use a toothpick or a bamboo skewer and draw whatever you like.

- With the wooden sticks you can scratch larger areas without scratching the metal itself.

- If you want to scratch very fine lines, you can use a map tack. But keep in mind that this will also scratch the metal unlike a toothpick. So it's not great for scratching larger areas.

- The cool thing about this craft is that if you don't like how your art turned out, you can even scratch everything off and start again or recycle the metal.

- I think it would be a nice gift idea to paint scratching surfaces for your friends so they can scratch their own art, or you could do that for kids as well.

- Lastly you can frame your work so it won't get scratched.

I hope you try out this project since it's really satisfying to paint and scratch on the metal :)

Stay creative!


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    I just noticed ALL your Instructables are featured! So cool!


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    Thank you, I'm happy about it too!


    3 years ago

    I love that there are no special tools or supplies needed other than watercolors. Who DOESN'T have a soda can, a toothpick, a map tack & what l swear looks like a tube of lipstick! Trash art ~ LOVE IT.


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    Thanks for the lovely feedback! Hehe you're right, it's a lipstick actually. And I am glad you appreciate exactly what I want to achieve in my tutorials!


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    This is super cool, what a good idea! I love the unicorn and the rainbow one


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    Thanks a lot! :D