DIY Minecraft Slime Eraser



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Since there have been so many requests for more Minecraft DIYs, here's a Minecraft slime eraser!

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Eraser Clay



Step 1: Watch Video!

Step 2: Mix Color

Use green, yellow, and white eraser clay to get the green color you want

Step 3: Shape Into Cube

Step 4: Mix Some Green With White to Make a Lighter Green

Step 5: Roll Out a Small Amount

Step 6: Place It on a Corner of the Cube

Repeat on all corners so every side has a light green stripe

Step 7: Pat It Down to Blend

Step 8: Add Eyes and Mouth

Use black eraser clay to add the eyes and mouth. Use a toothpick to shape into squares. Pat it down to blend.

Step 9: Place in Oven According to Package Instructions

You'll see in the video the package recommended 30 minutes, which was WAY too long. I recommend checking it every 10 minutes.

Step 10: Let Cool

All done! :D

Step 11:



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