DIY Mini 2.0 Speaker Using Old CFL Bulb



Introduction: DIY Mini 2.0 Speaker Using Old CFL Bulb

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Building a 2.0 speaker from old speaker & CFL Bulb

Step 1: Making Video

You can watch the Making Video or continue reading to know how to make the the speakers

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Step 2: Things Required

1. CFL Bulb (Top Removed) - 2

2. Any Old Speakers - 2

3. 3.5 mm Jack

4. Any Piece of Cloth

5. Soldering Rod, Soldering Wire & Soldering Paste

6. Wires

7. Scissor

8. Hot Glue Gun

9. Insulation Tape

Step 3: Connection

Connect the wires of the CFL bulb to the wires to the speaker and insulate them to avoid short

Step 4: Enclosure

Now insert the speaker to the CFL bulb and secure it with hot glue.

Note: Cover all the openings with glue

Step 5:

Now cover the speaker with the cloth and secure it with the insulation tape

Step 6:

now connect the two speakers and 3.5 mm jack and your ready to go.

Enjoy Creating Your Own !!!

To watch the testing CLICK HERE

Testing begins @ 4:56

Step 7: Finished Image

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