DIY Mini Bbq Grill

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I have wanted to do a project like this for many years. And I finally got an idea and made it work. So, today I am going to show you how I did it.

Step 1: The Base

To start this project, I began with two large cans. These can be hard to find, and if you can't find any then you could use the largest cans that you find.

Step 2: Cutting

I used my Dremel and a cut off wheel to cut each can in half. Take your time and be careful. When you are done, you should have two cans cut evenly in half.

Step 3: Drilling the Holes

I used three 1/4" nuts and bolts to hold it together, so I drilled three 1/4" holes in the can. I drilled one at the very bottom of both cans, as well as two holes at the top on either side.

Step 4: Put It Together

I put the bolts through the holes from the outside and secured them with nuts on the inside. This will hold the two halves together.

Step 5: The Legs

I used three 11/32" bolts for the legs, with three wing nuts to secure them. I drilled three holes for them, two in front and one in back.

Step 6: Half Way Done

After securing the legs, you're half way through. I added nuts on the ends of the legs for stability.

Step 7: The Grill

I found some thick wire mesh and bent it into a piece that is three layers thick, 3-1/2" wide, and as long as the base. I also bent some into a grill to cook on.

Step 8: The Top

I cut the second can in half and connected it the same as the first with more nuts and bolts. Then I used two 1-1/2" hinges with eight 6/32" nuts and bolts. I drilled the holes in the top and the base with a 5/32"drill bit and attached the hinges.

Step 9: The Handle

Almost done. I found a handle and two matching bolts for it. I drilled the holes with the same 5/32"drill bit and drove the bolts home with a screwdriver.

Step 10: Final Remarks

After putting in the charcoal briquettes, put the grill in place and you are ready to go. Be sure to leave any questions or concerns in the comments.



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    8 Discussions


    3 years ago

    is this Gollumzes approved?


    3 years ago on Step 10

    I like it. It has inspired me. I have an old helium tank I could do the same thing to.


    Punch a few holes in the bottom sides, and the top's middle for combustion airflow, but I think you've made a neat little project here, and as already stated, steer clear of plated hardaware and all will be well.


    3 years ago

    Do not use galvanized nuts and bolts, the coating could come off and contaminate your food

    1 reply