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Introduction: DIY Mini CNC Plotter Machine

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Mini CNC plotter machine with 3D printed frame

Step 1: Video

Hello friends

I have made a micro size CNC plotter machine out of old scrap DVD drive stepper mechanism

The best part of this machine is i 3D print its frame to give it very compact look, all the 3D parts i have printed on tevo tarantula 3d Printer @ 0.15 layer hight, 60% infill PLA

T controller this CNC machine we need a microcontroller board called arduino Nano and we need motor driver IC for each stepper motor that is L293D IC all the electronics components are solder on a costume made PCB

I prepared a PCB layout and order it from JLCPCB.COM as soon as you get PCB you just need to solder header pins,PCB terminals & CNC is ready to load code to run. JCLPCB is PCB manufacturing company they provide upto 10 prototype PCB in just 2$ with first shipping free it was a great deal. If you need any PCB to order you can consider to visit JLCPCB.COM

For more please visit

Llink of Complete tutorial



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    have you left a link to get the printed pcb

    Amazing Project !!! Do you sell the printed parts? I do not own a 3d printer and would like to build one too.

    Great project - Plotting is great but have you considered adding a cutter so you can cut PCB patterns then of course add a drill bit to drill the holes ???


    I'm usually pretty critical of most of the cnc's posted on instructable, but in this case. It's well made, well thought out, and has good x,y,z control.

    Nicely done.