DIY Mini Cannon

Introduction: DIY Mini Cannon

About: I loves electronics and robotics and also to make things with thermocol. Love to be innovative and creative. Student at a school.

As Im a Fan of Clash of clans Im mesmerized by the weapons in it...And the intial weapon in CoC is Cannon.

So I wanted to make one..So in this instructable Im gonna make a Diy Cannon with House hold stuffs lying around.


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Step 1: Things Needed

Foil Paper


Binary clip




Step 2: Making the Tube

  1. Take a Foil paper which is Approximately a measure of 5*8 cm...The larger the better
  2. Now take a tube about 3.5 cm.
  3. Now using the tube wrap the foil on the tube to get a cylinder..
  4. Now remove the tube from inside
  5. You will now have a aluminium foil cylinder.

Step 3: Inserting Into Spring

  1. Pinch tthe bottom of cylinder to make it closed
  2. Now take the spring
  3. And put the cylinder into i slowly
  4. The spring acts like a protection

Step 4: Base or Support

  • Take a Binary clip and fold the two legs upwards
  • Now put a rubberband around it so that it will not slip
  • Now take the cannon 's cylinder and slip it between the 2 legs of the clip.
  • Your cannon is ready in Physical!!!

Step 5: Fuel (Explosive ;)

Take matchsticks and remove its top thats the chemical using scissors or other tools

Step 6: Final Cut

Now fill the tube with the match stick heads..

you will need a lot of it.....

Now put a small bead ot other thing which u need to be fired.

Now heat the bottom using lighter for a while..


You will see the bead flying through the air....

Thanks For Looking into my instructable.

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    electric guy
    electric guy

    3 years ago

    awesome Instructable
    thanks for Posting
    plz join my clan and ask for bama 15
    we are The Vigilantes

    plz post more soon


    3 years ago

    Comment what Mini weapon should I make next....And prepare to be Ignited