DIY Mini Circular Table Saw Homemade Cutting PCB From Old Drill Motor




DIY Mini Circular Table Saw Homemade Cutting PCB from Old Drill Motor

DIY Mini Saw Blades is Cut and grind a variety of materials with mini saw blades and cut off . Experienced models and beginning hobbyists alike appreciate the clean, sharp cut and do it by my hand are using the best tools for best projects. You can do it vbery easy with old motor take from old hand drill or buy on EBay, Alumniniumn alloy, bearing, it is nice work,

SIZE : 200 x 150 x 70 mnm
Saw blade diameter: 60mm Saw Teeth: 60t Saw the hole: 6mm Max.

Cutting Depth:11-12mm Rated Voltage: 24v No-Load Speed: 5000rpm

The material can be cut Acrylic, PVC, plastic, rubber, wood, PCB

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