DIY Mini Dart Game

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Dart is a indoor game. Which give exercise to hand and mind. To target the accurate spot. Make Small dart game in home.

Its very sharp so its not for childrens. Don't through over living beings its hurt more and cause serious injury.

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Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required to make arrow for dart

1) Match sticks 4 nos

2) Ball pins 1 No (I take it from a new dress)

3) Rubber band small 2 nos

4) Old film or OHP sheet or any thick cover (I use a cover from my purchase of arduino controller)

Tools Required

1) Wire Stripper.

2) Scissors.

Step 2: Prepare the Materials

1) Use scissors cut the cover or OHP sheet in to small rectangles 2 nos this act as the tail part of the arrow.

2) Take the ball pin and trim the top ball shape to make it flat shape.

3) Cut the head of the all four match sticks.

Now the materials are all ready. It time to make arrow.

Step 3: Join Needle

1) Keep all the four match sticks together like the image and bind it using rubber band.

2) Insert the a needle between two match sticks and raise it

3) Like wise insert another needle in other side.

4) Now all the four sticks split by two needles.

5) Insert the trimmed pin head into the gap and release the needles.

6) Now the head got clamp and the needle never move.

Step 4: Join Wings

1) Tie the another rubber band on the other side of the arrow, leave the space for wings from the tip.

2) Raise one stick and insert the sheet into it as shown in the figure.

3) Like wise insert the other wings.

4) now the arrow is ready. It fly for a long distance.

Step 5: Testing

1) Make more arrows use different color bands.

2) Stand away from a wooden door and throw the arrow.


Its very sharp so its not for childrens. Don't through over living beings its hurt more and cause serious injury.

Step 6: Dart Board and Game

1) Download a Dart board from internet.

2) Take a print out.

3) Cut it use the scissors.

4) Paste it on the wooden wall.

Now all is ready. Lets play the game.

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