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Introduction: DIY Mini Potion Bottle Charms

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Anything mysterious and magical inspires me. I even named myself as craftaholic witch :p Whether it's a witch or a wizard, they're all very creative and crafty! I've always loved everything about potion- the power, the colors, the bottles... everything!

Well, I thought it wouldn't be a good idea to make a potion since I don't have any experience in making any! So instead, I made these tiny potion bottles. They turned out just as I wanted.

In this instructable I'll show you how to make mini bottle charms using only 3 supplies, which you probably;y already have at home, especially if you're a jewelry maker. Check out the tutorial, it's super easy!

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Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these charms you'll need:

  1. Crystal cut beads or transparent beads
  2. Jewelry wire - 18-20 gauge
  3. Jewelry pliers - cutting, flat-nose and looping
  4. Bead end caps or cones

Step 2: Selecting the Items

The main supplies for this project are only 2 but you have to be creative in selecting them.


Basically you need 2 beads for each charm, one big and one relatively small (half or one third the size of the big one).

Try to collect crystal cut or transparent beads. Try not to use faux pearl beads, wooden beads, non-transparent beads for this charm, otherwise the final project won't turn out to be as charming as it should be.

Bottle Neck:

I used cone shaped bead end to create the neck part of the mini bottle charm.

Just keep in mind to keep the bead end and bead sizes proportionate.

Step 3: Arranging the Items

Done collecting all the supplies? Time to arrange them into a bottle!

In the first picture of this step you can see that I've arranged 4 pairs of beads. The big ones are the bottom part (body) of the bottle and the small ones are the top part (finish) of the bottles.

I've placed the cone bead ends between a pair of beads (big and small) to create the bottle shape. The open end of the bead end should be faced towards the big bead, placing the small bead at the closed end of the bead end cone.

Step 4: Creating the Bottom

Hold a wire from its end without cutting it from the bundle.

Insert the small bead into the wire first and then the rest of the items as arranged.

Push the items inside the wire but keep the big bead on hand.

Keep 4-5 cm of the wire straight from its open end and then bend it to 90 degrees adjacent to the bead (see the 2nd picture of this step).

Now coil the remaining wire around the bottom side of the big bead. Coil the wire as neatly as possible.

Step 5: Creating the Charms

Now push the other items towards the closed end.

Keep enough wire at the closed end to create a small loop and then cut off wire from the bundle.

Create a small loop using the looping pliers to secure the beads and complete the charms.

There, done! You can use these potions bottles for many craft projects- jewelry, accessories, charms and much more! Use different beads and bead ends for different patterns.

Thanks for checking out my ible. If you like the project please try creating one, would love to see more variation of it, and of course share a picture if you do :)

Happy crafting!

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    Awesome! These are so cool.