DIY Mini Saw Blade Attachment for Rotary Tools




Introduction: DIY Mini Saw Blade Attachment for Rotary Tools

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I recently bought a rotary tool
by Pro’s Kit and I was buying attachments such as drill bits, sanding and grinding bits, saw blades. I was also looking for a saw blade attachment and it was quite expensive for me around US$31.25 (RM100). As the rotary tool with flexi shaft and few assorted attachments cost me about US$31.25, I don’t want to spend that much on the attachment alone. So I decided to make my own version. And here is how I did it…

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

This built did not cost me anything but maybe less than US$0.10 for the epoxy. Other items are from the house itself.


A plastic bottle with screw on lid (the size depends on you rotary tool, see pics for clarity)

A clear plastic bottle/container bigger than the previous one (it should be big enough to attach your biggest saw blade)

Epoxy or hot glue or super glue

Note: You may need only one plastic bottle, if the length is sufficient.


Digital Caliper or Ruler

Marker Pen

Utility Knife


Personal Protective Equipment:


Disclaimer: Follow safety precautions when using tool both power and hand operated to avoid injuries to yourself or others. I’m not responsible for your safety, be cautious of what you are doing and be safe.

Step 2: Measurements & Cutting


Measure the length of the plastic bottle and you rotary tool (from the point where your attachment will be to the tip of the saw blade’s shaft, look at the picture above for clarity).

Since my clear plastic container is shorter than the length needed for my built, I had to use another plastic bottle to make this attachment so that the length is sufficient.


Cut your plastic bottle to the desired length and make sure the lid of the bottle can be secured in the rotary
tool. The attachment should not hinder the functions of the rotary tool. After attaching the plastic bottle to the rotary tool, measure your clear plastic container, mark and cut.

Step 3: Glue Time

Now using epoxy or hot glue or super glue, glue the clear plastic to the plastic bottle.
If you are using epoxy kindly read the instructions given with it and use.
Now you have made yourself a Mini Saw Blade Attachment for your rotary tool… If you have made an attachment yourself share it in the comments… Let me know what you think…….

Step 4: Possible Upgrades

If I'm going to make it again...
I would improve the following,

- Instead of clear container I would use acrylic tubes and sheets to make it more sturdy and compact.

- Any other comments are welcome.

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5 years ago on Introduction

what cutting tip do you have in the pictures? I cannot see it clearly


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

It is a Mini Saw blade. Here is the link that I bought from that shows it clearly


5 years ago

Super great idea! Like it.


Reply 5 years ago

I am glad you liked it. Thank you

Great idea! I love hacks like this where you can save money and reuse something that would end up in the landfill!


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Thank you... Hope it helped