DIY Mini Solar Car



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Hello friends,in this instructable i made a really interesting and educational toy which is very easy to make within a couple of hours....pls Continue reading

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Step 1: Video for Those Who Hate Reading Https://

Step 2: Materials

  • Cardboard Sheet
  • Shaft
  • Hot Glue
  • Tube

  1. Wires are soldered to dc motor
  2. Cardboard is cut as per your favourite design
  3. Apply hot glue to cardboard
  4. Couple tube

Step 3: Wheels

  • Attach Wheels to Shaft
  • Insert inside tube
  • Connect another Wheel
  • Connect wheels to dc motor
  • Couple to front end of cardboard by hot glue

Step 4: Power Source

  • i used 5v 150ma solar panel to power the car
  • connect switch(optional) or direct connect dc motor to solar panel
  • Go outside and check your acievement!!!

Give a try to build one and also Don't forget to share this awesome idea with your friends and family

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