DIY Mini Stress Balls! Orbeez & Mesh Slime Stress Ball Miniatures!




Step 1: To Do a Diy Miniature Orbeez Stress Ball You Will Need:

Today I want to show you how to make these super cool and cute mini stress balls!
You need:
- Orbeez
- Balloon
- Water;

Step 2: This Mini Stress Balls Is Super Fun to Play With and Helps to Relieve Stress and Even Exercise the Muscles of Your Hand!

Step 3: So It Is Useful Twice, Is Super Easy to Make!

Step 4: To Do a Diy Mesh Slime Mini Stress Ball You Will Need:

You need:
- Slime
- Balloon
- Mesh;

Step 5: But, If You ARE Stressed, Angry and Anxious - Just Take This DIY Orbeez Waterballs Stressballs and DIY Anti Stress Ball and Crumple It!

You will feel relief after 30 seconds!

Step 6: To Do a Diy Miniature Anti-stress Ball You Will Need:

You need:
- Balloon
- Baking Soda.
Follow my video instructions of how to make DIY Mini Stress Balls to understand how to use all this stuff.
Good luck! I hope you enjoyed! Relax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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