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Introduction: DIY Mini Wooden Christmas Tree

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Handmade Christmas decorations are one of the nice elements of Christmas celebrations.

In this short Instructable I'll show You my DIY mini Christmas Tree with lights.

Sorry for the quality of photos, but I was tried made it with the DIY spy glasses with camera;) Unfortunately, the quality is weak.

Materials needed:

  • piece of wood or plywood (I used 30 x 50 cm)
  • decoration paint, frozen spray for windows or glitter spray
  • glue
  • Christmas LED lights

Tools needed:

  • drill
  • jigsaw

Step 1: Inspiration & Design

Step 2: Transfer Cutting Lines to Wood

I draw lines just by hand with pencil. It came out a little differently than in the project.

Alternative is to print the template.

Step 3: Drilling Holes for Lights

This step is very important, You should fit the holes to dimensions of lights.

If the fit is correct, the lights do not need to be glued.

Step 4: Cutting

Step 5: Painting & Decorations

At the beginning, I tried to paint the tree with stain the wood and sprinkle with powdery glitter.

Unfortunately I wasn't happy with the result.

Finally I used artificial snow paint (frozen spray). The result was good.

Step 6: Installing Lights

Almost finish. The last step is to install lights.

WARNING: Check that the lights you install will not cause a fire.

I have used LED Christmas lighting, which does not emit heat and suited for installation on natural wood.

Step 7: Merry Christmas! ;)

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