DIY Minnie Mouse Ears With Bow



This is how I made my own Minnie Mouse ears for a Disney cruise. I actually made 2 pairs, which were $25 each online so I probably saved close to $45 by making my own!

Step 1: Materials

Materials needed:
Fabric, ribbon, or bow
Ric rac
Hot glue
Cup or round object

Step 2: Sizing Your Ears

After I had all of my materials gathered, I sized my "ears" based on what size I thought would look best on me. I found a photo online of some Minnie Mouse ears I liked (but wasn't willing to pay $25 for ?)! They were for a Disney cruise and I knew I would probably only be wearing them once. I found a cup that I thought would make good Mouse ear sized ears for my head. I then traced the open part of the cup onto 2 pieces of cardstock. I fired up the hot glue gun, and meanwhile cut 4 pieces of batting the same size as my cardstock. One piece of batting will go on either side of the cardstock. I also cut 4 circles out of my black felt, but cut them slightly larger than the cardstock and batting. I basically made a cardstock, batting and felt sandwich. Lol. Hopefully you can understand my drawings, as I made these earlier this year and did not take photos as I worked ?

Step 3: Cover Headband

Next, I cut a piece of felt a little longer than my headband and about 3.5 times the width. I used a fabric measuring tape to measure. I then hot glued the felt on and around the headband. I measured the inside of the headband and cut and hot glued a piece of gold ric rac for some added pizzaz and to help it stay on better.

Step 4: Attaching Ears and Bow

To starch the ears, I cut a small rectangle of felt and hot glued the ears to the headband(photo 5). To make the bow, I cut a small thin piece of fabric about 2 inches wide and 4 inches long (set this off to the side). I Also cut a rectangular piece of fabric about twice as big as I wanted my bow. I then folded the 2 long sides in to meet in the middle. As shown in photo 1. Then I took the short ends and folded them in to meet in the middle (Photo 2). Then I folded the fabric "accordion" style (photo 3). Use a clothespin (or hot glue) to hold in place, while you repeat step 1 with the smaller thinner piece of fabric. Then wrap the smaller fabric strip around the middle of the bow and hot glue in place, trimming off any excess (photo 4). I reinforced my bow by tying some sting around it and the headband and shoving it under the bow so you can't see it. Ta Da! You're done!



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