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Introduction: DIY Mixed Metal Jump Ring Necklace

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Are you ready to learn how to make a beautiful mixed metal necklace? This DIY is so easy that you need not know anything about jewelry basics or need not own any big jewelry tools. Without much ado, lets start making.

Step 1: Materials Required

4 mm Leather cord - 30 inches

7 mm End caps

6 mm jump rings or "O" rings in different metal tones

One 8 mm jump ring.

A Pendant of your choice


E 6000 glue



Step 2: Cut the Leather Cord to Desired Length and Style

Cut the leather cord into two - one as 14" and another as 16".(I decided to go with layered style and so I cut the leather cord into two but you can also go with single layer and also I wanted the necklace to be close to neck(Choker) so I went with 14" and 16" but you can also go 16" and 18" but it is up to you.)

Step 3: String the Jump Rings As You Would String Beads

Take 14" cord and start stringing the jump rings inside the cord in the order you desire.String 25 jump rings in each metal tones.I went with black in the center and then silver,copper and gold at the sides.Once you are done ,it looks as shown in the second picture.This is the top layer of the necklace.

Step 4: Attach the Pendant to the Leather Cord

Open a 8 mm jump ring, by holding one side with pliers and twisting the other side towards you.Put the pendant inside the ring and close it by twisting the jump ring against you and aligning it with the other side. (I used a bigger jump ring here as by pendant was bigger in size .The 6 mm jump ring was not enough to hold the pendant when strung in the leather cord.So,you can use the same size of jump ring or a different size according to your preference.) Now ,string the pendant to the 16" leather cord.

Step 5: String Jump Rings for the Bottom Layer

Repeat the stringing the jump rings in the 16" leather cord , as you did in the step 3. I strung 25 jump rings for the center(black) and 30 jump rings for all others metal tones.Combine the two layers together and secure the ends with the tape and make sure you are satisfied with the look of the necklace before adding the closure.

Step 6: Attach the Closure

Remove the tape from one side.Take the end cap and fill it with E 6000 glue and insert the leather cords inside and allow it dry.Repeat the same for the other side.

Step 7: Your Necklace Is Done !!

Voila ! Wear the necklace for your next party and make your friends amazed by saying you made it.

Some extra points:

The 7 mm end cap was perfect to fit two strands of 4 mm leather cord.Just make the round leather cord flat by squeezing at the end with help of the pliers and then insert it inside the end cap if you have trouble fitting the cord as such.

The 6 mm jump rings was easy to strung inside the 4 mm leather cord but the 6 mm "O" rings was little tighter than the jump ring but it fits perfectly.(you can see the gold rings in the necklace).So, I would suggest getting 7 or 8 mm "O" rings if you are going to use "O" rings for all the metal tones and want to add a pendant in the center.

Jump rings come in various colors .You can get creative and experiment with favorite color.

You can also use thick cotton cord or waxed cotton cord for making this necklace other than using leather cord itself.

As said earlier, this necklace can also be made in a single layer instead of two or you can also multiply the layers for different look.

Hope you enjoyed this simple jewelry making instructable .If you enjoyed this ,Don't forget to vote for me in the "Necklace challenge".Thank you very much for your support !! I really appreciate it .

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    So simple! But the finished look is beautiful. Very cool!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you seamster :)

    TK Trooper
    TK Trooper

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Where did you get the pendant from you used? I've been searching for something very similar to that pedant!


    Reply 5 years ago

    I got those in :)