DIY Moana's Flower Headband



Introduction: DIY Moana's Flower Headband

About: I'm a 5 year old girl who loves to DIY! My idol is Alton Brown and I want to be just like him! I started my own channel to share my crafts and treats with everyone so I hope you guys like it! I've been real...

Sorry I've been gone for so long! I got a cold for a while and then my mom got very sick and had to go to the hospital. Good news is she's getting better now and I can come back! I did get a chance to go watch Moana recently and it was such a good movie. I loved it so much and saw this headband that Moana wore in the movie. I wanted to have one of my own so I went home and made one! What do you guys think? Does it look like hers?

Please watch the video above to learn how to make your own!

For full details, please check out the YouTube description:

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