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Two nights ago I was thinking about how I could 'mod' my PS3 controller to make it better and more personalized. I decided to screw around with random stuff to see what would come out and... Behold! The mighty DIY sorta gamer's modded controller! 
It's got DIY kontrolfreeks on one stick (made with hot glue) and it has a wire thingy that corresponds with the square button (based on this thing and this thing. It has a different mechanism, though) and a lightly sandpapered grip area for (hopefully) better grip-I haven't yet tested it. It also has some white clay smushed into the cracks for aesthetics (actually because I was bored and curious what it'd look like, tbh). Follow 

If this gets enough favorites or comments I might post a full 'ible :)
When you're finished recreating and hopefully improving my design, you can give it as a gift instead of buying a $100+ ScufGaming Controller.

The grip feels different-I wouldn't say it's better or worse, it just depends on you. Also, I played some Uncharted 3 the other day (My favorite game, aka my only game with a multiplayer that's still relatively popular) and decided to remove the wire thingy because it was too hard to use for me. It worked perfectly, but I was just WAY too used to pressing the square directly (I only used it for five minutes, so it wasn't really a fair test. I suggest you make one and see if you like it [with added padding for comfort if you do end up liking it] ) 



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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for commenting! :D I probably will once I get some more time (i.e. manage it better). Tbh, I actually took off the wire attachment because I don't game enough to get used to it quickly (It worked perfectly, I just couldn't bring myself to pull the "trigger" instead of the button consistently)