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Introduction: DIY Modern Chair

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In this instructable I made this modern chair for more info and extend step by step instruction check out the video.


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Step 1: Cutting

Here is all the Measurement I used for this chair.

Minwax Gel Stain " Hickory"

Chair Dimensions Arms Left and right

(4) -Top & Bottom = 30 inches

(4) - Front Back = 24 inches

Seat box

(2) Front & Back = 27 inches

(2) Sides = 22 1/8 inches

(5) Middle Support =22 1/8 inches


(1) Top = 27 inches

(2) Sides = 18 1/8 inches

(5) Middle Support = 24 inches

4- 1/4 inhes x 6 in bolts 4- Washer 4- Lock washer Lots of 3 inch screws

Mounting Bolts holes

Top hole in the arm rest is 7 inches from the back.

Lower hole in the leg is 15 inches from the floor.

Step 2: Prepping the Side Arm

To construct the two arms, I notched a section in the 2 by 4. This is only done for top and bottom. Refer to the 30 inch piece of wood. The notched out section will seat the 24 inch piece of wood, which is the front and back.

See picture for a visual.

On the opposite side of the notched section mark two pilot holes for the screw. Do this on both ends of all the 30 inch 2 by 4.

Step 3: Assembling the Arms

Clamp and screw the 2 by 4 together as shown.

You will end up with 2 identical pieces.

Step 4: Constructing the Seat

Assemble seat with glue and screws. Rip a 2 by 4 in half that will fit in the seat framing. This will be used support the seat bottom inserts. See measurements below. Do not attach the middle inserts at this point.

(2) Front & Back = 27 inches

(2) Sides = 22 1/8 inches

(5) Middle Support =22 1/8 inches

Step 5: Drilling the Pass Through Bolt

Locate the front side of the box built in the step 4. The front should be measured at 27 inches.

Use a scrap piece of 2 by 4 to gauge where the leg should bolt though. See the reference line I have marked in the picture.

Find the center within the reference line and drill a 1/4 inch hole.

Next drill a 1/4 inch hole in the arm 15 inches from the ground. It's important to keep the hole as straight as possible.

Step 6: Attaching the Seat to the Legs

Insert the bolts and add the nuts.

Clamp, drill and insert the bolts for the chair back.

There is an addition piece of wood that site under the arm rest. This piece of wood holds the seat bottom to the back. It's supported with (4) 3 inch screws.

(1) Top = 27 inches

(2) Sides = 18 1/8 inches

(5) Middle Support = 24 inches

Step 7: Adding Top to the Back Rest

I used a biscuit joiner, because I didn't want to see screws here. Using screws here would have been total fine as well.

Step 8: Installing the Seat Support

Pre drill the 5 middle supports. One screw on both ends should be fine.

Place them in the frame. I used a piece of scrap wood as a spacer to keep an even gap.

Pre (5) Middle Support =22 1/8 inches

Step 9: Completing the Chair Back

Now clamp, pre-drill and screw the back together.

Step 10: Prep Work

Remove the two arms and give it a good sand to clean up the rough surface.

Step 11: Applying Stain

1. I applied pre stain conditioner per the instruction.

2. Apply stain with a brush

3. Remove stain with a rag

Minwax Gel Stain " Hickory"

4. Painted the two Legs with high gloss paint.

Step 12: Final Touch

After all the finish dried. It's time to assemble by adding the both arms.

Just inset the 4 bolts, 4 washer, 4 lock washer and 4 nuts.

Step 13: Finish Product

For more in depth info and visual check out the video



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    13 Discussions

    What a great design! The colors you picked really go great together. Awesome project

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    Hi! It's a great looking design! Congrats! :) Was wondering on the strength of the chair though.. from the pictures, i can see only 4 bolts holding the seating area to the arms.. or do you have something else to ensure safety/ strength?

    this design and build is great!! I think it could win the outdoor contest.

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    Wow - chair turned out great - love the design and colors. What stand is it resting on after you stained the seat? Your table saw or special table? Thanks

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    Thank you.

    Keter Folding
    Work Table EX

    awesome concept!!! Great build and instructions. Did you make the cushion? Or build around a bought one?

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