DIY Modular Knife Block

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So I made that because we have many diffrent knifes and may buy more and pretty expensive ones.... so I wanted to solve that problem, with something custom and further flexible but I dont like the magent thingyies (because savety) and those with sraws or something because I don´t want toe knifes to touch each other

anyway hope you enjoy

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Step 1: Cut the Pieces and Route Out the Knifes

first I cut the pieces (every form (maybe a pig would look unique but retarded well I don´t judge...)) and then I drilled the throw hole on two corners for the threaded rod
that both needs to be very accurate (the rest doesn´t matter but this does (all must be the same and have the holes exactly in the same postiton so make a jig perfarably and refrence both holes from the same two sides!!!!!!))

now lay out the knifes where you want them .... (cut the threaded rod to length and screw them loosely, now you can maybe but the knifes in carefully and make where you want each one) .... then rout the knifes out (just take some care on the part you can see, the rest litteraly doesn´t matter) you could use a chisle as well .... or some thin wood sheets and just cutting the part out ....

whatever you have to do....

Step 2: Finishing

sanding and oiling

I like it and countersunk the nut before I made custom nuts from brass

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    7 months ago

    This is a pretty slick idea for making an expandable knife block. Thanks for sharing!

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    Reply 6 months ago

    Thanks man!!

    I wasn't sure if exactly that comes across
    expandable/modular knife block