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Introduction: DIY Modular Led Pannel

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Hello everyone!

In this instructable we will manufacture a modular led panel.
The idea is to have a powerful lighting, which consume not too much energy, which does not heat, and whose angle of illumination can be changed.The power cable can be disconnected to store the panel.

You can illuminate your workshop with, or, depending on the level of finish you will make, your living room.

Let there be light !!!

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed:


- Wooden panel

- 6 Lightbulb sockets

- LED Light Bulbs

- 1 light switch

- 1 electrical outlet

- 11 Wire Connectors

- electric cable

- Piano Hinge

- A handle of screw

- 1 Drawer slide

- some nail

- adhesive tape


- a drill

- hole saw drill bit

- Wood drill

- saw

- Screwdrivers

- a ruler

Step 2: Prepare the Panel

To begin, we will prepare the panel.

- I cut my board into 2 parts of the same size.

- Next, connect the 2 pieces with the piano hinge. Don't be miser with the screws!

- Make 6 marks aligned in the vertical axis, but shifted 5cm from one panel to the other, so that when you bend the panel, the bulbs will not touch.

- Drill 6 hole with hole saw drill bit.

Step 3: Assembly and Wiring of Bulb Sockets

- Disassemble the bulb sockets.

- Denude the ends of the cables.

- Screw the cables.

- Reassemble the bulb sockets.

- Insert the bulb sockets into the holes. If the hole is too wide, you can adjust with electric tape around the bulb socket.

Step 4: The Wiring

In this step, we will install the switch, plug and wiring the panel.

- To start, dismantle the electrical socket and the switch.

- Wire the panel following the electrical diagram.

- Pre-drill the panel to fasten the switch and electrical outlet.

- Screw the switch and electrical outlet.

- Reassemble the electrical outlet and the switch.

- You can hang the wires with duct tape.

- Screw the bulbs.

Step 5: Opening System

- Fix one side of the slide with a screw on the top of one side.

- Press nails halfway on the other side, they will serve as a notch to adjust the opening of the panel.

Step 6: Making a Male-to-male Cable

To connect your led panel, you will need a male to male cable.

- Take 2 power cables (computer power supply cable for example), and cut the tip.

- Connect the 2 cables with a wire connector.

- Isolate the fitting with electrical adesif.

- Made a loop at the fitting to solidify the fitting.

Step 7: Before/after : Let There Be Light !!!

Step 8: Bonus: All Steps and Demonstration in Video!

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