DIY Morticia Addams Dress for Halloween!


Introduction: DIY Morticia Addams Dress for Halloween!

Hey guys, here's how to make your very own Morticia Addams (Addams Family) dress!
Hope you like it!



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    I'm soooo gonna make this for Halloween this year my hubby is Gomez and my daughter and son wil b Wednesday n Pugsly and we even have baby Pubert lol I cant wait thank u so much u make this look so easy

    I don't get it. If I fold my fabric in half once, then fold my top and skirt in half, I end up cutting out one half of a dress. Where does the other half come from?

    Thanks for a great video, love the dress and you presented it with great style and presentation !

    I love how your cat(s) come into view just when you start the video, as if on cue. Although, for greater effect, you should've dyed them all black. LOL.

    For anyone whos curious
    I am a small/medium and I'm a yard around so fabric that can wrap around me 3 times is just 3 yards of fabric :)
    ( My fabric store hates diy videos, they seem to love patters. bleh)

    I LOVE this! Do you have any other photos of you in this, like from other angles? I want to make one but am not sure how it'll look, especially from the back. Such a great dress. How hard is it to walk around in?