DIY Motion Detector With LinkitONE


Here I will show you how to make your own motion detector using LinkitONE that sends a signal to PC when any motion is detected.

We'll do the project under $100

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Step 1: Parts

You will need

1 x LinkitONE

1 x PIR motion sensor

Step 2: Connect Motion Sensor

Connect the motion sensor on the board. Connect the data pin to A0 and power and ground to board's pins.

Step 3: Connect USB

Connect the USB cable to your LinkitONE so that you can transfer data.

Step 4: Write Code

Burn this code to your linkitone.

void setup() {



int number=0;

void loop() {

if (analogRead(0)>700) {




Step 5: Open Serial Monitor and Test Motion!

Now open your serial monitor and test some motion!

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