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Introduction: DIY Motorized Engraver

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Make your very own Hand held motorized engraver with simple household stuff

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Step 1: The Materials You'll Need:

The materials you'll need are the following

pvc pipe

DC motor

sand grit paper

small metal rod



2pcs. alligator clips

12V voltage source (Variable Voltage Source)



Glue stick


Step 2: Now the Main Component:

In order to make the engraver, do the following steps

first: cut off the toothbrush as shown

second: cut off the metal rod into a 1 inch length

third: Scratch the metal rod using a cutter or any means of making the tip rough enough

fourth: Heat the metal rod while using the pliers to hold it and put it gently in the cutoff toothbrush.

and now you have an engraver of your own

Step 3: Now the Circuitry:

Take the DC motor and connect the wires and put alligator clips at the end of each wire

attach it into the pvc pipe using glue stick fortify and strengthen it all up.

Step 4: And Now You Have It:

Your Very own Motorized engraver

Connect it to a power supply and ready yourself for the engraving.

Step 5: You Can Engrave Anything!

You can engrave anything!, from glass, metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, almost anything!... not on cloths though and human skin... in case you want blood in your skin....

well, so much for that Engrave and Enjoy!.

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    4 years ago

    Nizz project, gonna try it