DIY Moving Message Using LED Matrix




Introduction: DIY Moving Message Using LED Matrix

About: Robotics is an art and I'm artist :)

I basically a small gadget for fun or for small sign to display it moving. It might be a gift for someone.You can make it what ever you want.

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Step 1: Components

  1. 8X8 matrix display
  2. Arduino Nano
  3. LM7805
  4. 10uf Capacitors
  5. Arduino wires
  6. vero board
  7. switch
  8. glue gun
  9. formic sheet
  10. transparent case

Step 2: 8X8 LED Matrix

First of All we need a 8X8 LED matrix display. and some arduino male-female wires.

Step 3: Arduino Uno

Next step is to connect the Mtrix display with arduino. The wire configuration is listed in Code.

Step 4: Circuit Diagram

Make a 5v Regulated circuit to convert the 9v battery output voltage to 5v. As arduino can hold 9v but it is good to operate arduino and matrix with 5v regulated.Connect the 9v batery holder and 2 female wires for output.Insulate the circuit by using silicon gun.

Step 5: Casing

Take a transparent cylindrical case.Put all circuits and components in the case.don't forget to insulate the bare a small hole at the center of case cap for the wires to be connected to switch.connect switch and insulate and fix it with the glue gun.

Step 6: Coding

Upload code containing message you want to move.You can edit it as you is the code.You also need the library can easily download it.

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    2 years ago

    Looks nice..! Good work..!