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Introduction: DIY Nail Polish Christmas Ornaments

Got any nail polishes that you love the look of but never wear and don't want to get rid of? Do you own any nail polish with ingredients that you don't feel safe wearing? Or are you like me, and just have a ton of polish and want to actually use some of it up? Looking for a new way to decorate your Christmas tree in your own unique style without spending a fortune on custom ornaments? Then I've got a craft that I think you'll enjoy!

Supplies needed for this craft:

  • clear glass or plastic ornaments, in any size and as many as you'd like
  • nail polish in as many colors as you want (the 1.5" bulbs that I used take less than 1/2 a bottle of nail polish)
  • mason jars, opened lotion bottles, empty water bottles, sturdy paper tubes, or anything to prop up the bulbs
  • newspaper and/or paper towels (to protect your work surface and absorb any polish spills/drips)

A full list of the nail polishes that I used for these 12 ornaments can be found here on my blog.

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Step 1: Initial Coat

1. Pour polish into bulb

2. Swirl polish around, coating entire interior

3. Pour out immediate excess (back into polish bottle - no need to waste yet!)

4. Set ornament tilted downwards, so that no polish will drip out, and allow excess to gather near the opening

If you use larger ornaments, something like a mason jar will work for propping up the ornaments. My ornaments are quite small, only about 1.5" in diameter, so I used lotion bottles and their caps to set them up!

Since the process is a bit lengthy, I start the next ornament once I've reached step 4 of the previous ornament.

Step 2: Pouring Out the Excess

5. Pour out excess polish (at this point, it's probably thickened enough that you won't want to put it back into the bottle. I laid out paper towels and newspaper.)

6. Set ornament upright

7. Repeat parts 4-5 if necessary

8. Set ornament upside down and allow to drip out. (Keep an eye on it, though - I let too much polish drip out of one of them and it ended up less opaque than I wanted it!) If your ornaments are big enough to be propped up on top of mason jars, you can put paper towels into the jars for this step. Since I was using fresh lotion bottles, what I ended up doing was only dripping out one ornament at a time into an empty water bottle.

9. Add a second coat if necessary, or a second color if desired, and repeat steps 1-8 (but don't pour the excess back into the bottle in step 3 if you're using a different color!)

Step 3: Display Them!

The finished ornaments are so pretty! Hang them strategically in front of matching colored lights on your tree for the best possible look.

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    4 years ago

    What a great and simple idea. I always buy the cheaper ornaments since my pets (and niece who helped decorate the tree) will break them. Now I can class them up! Great ible!


    4 years ago

    I've never seen this done with nail polish. It looks great!