DIY Necklace Holder / Display (Easy)


Introduction: DIY Necklace Holder / Display (Easy)

How to make a super cute and super easy necklace display/ holder

Materials Needed:

-Canvas Board (Can be replaced with wood or sturdy piece of cardboard    -found  mine at dollar stor
-Thumbtacks/ push-pin
-Thick Cardboard
-Scrapbook paper and/or paint to decorate the Canvas
-Fabric (I used part of an old T-shirt)
-(Optional) Ribbon to Hang
-(Optional) Display Easel to.. well, display

Tools Needed:
-Glue gun (If you don't have a glue gun you can try super glue, or any other glue/ tape you find at home. The stronger the glue, the -better it holds)
-X-acto knife



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