DIY Neckrest Luthier Tool





Introduction: DIY Neckrest Luthier Tool

I started modifying my electric guitars, so I looked into youtube tutorials and quickly found that a luthier has dedicated tools.

One of them is a neck rest, to reduce the pressure on the headstock when working on a guitar.

But I though, hey, you don't have to buy that...

Step 1: Get a Decent Base

I used a "mymuesli" roll. Any poster roll (the one you would use for sending a poster by Mail) would do as long as it's made from cardboard.

Cut it to approx. 15-20cm. height.

Step 2: Fold It Inwards

Fold the top inwards as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Upholstry

I used a (fresh) kitchen sponge, cut of about 1-2 cm of the top and glued it (lightly) on top so that the guitar neck rests gently.

Step 4: Use Duct Tape... secure it and to make it look "smooth".

Use as much duct tape as you like. Make sure that you cover the complete top section to that you don't get grease or dust in there when working on guitar. Also be sure to not tighten the duct tape stripes to much or the upholstry effect of the sponge is lost.

Step 5: Done. Use It

Use it to do fret work, change strings, work on the tuning machines or whatever you need to do.



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    hi, i think you can use sandbag for this job instead of your equipment. i supposed your tool, this like think at first glance.. thanks for inspiration...


    1 year ago

    Smart and simple!

    Maybe it is a good idea to lay a cloth between the neckrest and the guitar-neck. Some guitars ( Gibson & Epiphone f.e.) use nitrocelllose lack. I'm affraid the ducttape will eat the lack. If the ducttape-itself don't will, the edges of the tape will. There is always some glue at the side of the tape.

    Maybe a sock wil fit over the neckrest?

    3 replies

    I tried the sock. works great, looks a bit weird, as I used an old sock.

    But it prevents the duct tape to stick to the neck and softens the resting of the neck even more.
    I'll add a picture as soon as I use it next time.

    I should use an old one too. If it is washed and not smell, it is no problem at all :-)

    I like the sock idea. Good point about the nitro lacquer.

    I'll try and report.

    Nice. Great way to make use of the everyday materials at hand to make something cool.