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Introduction: DIY Needle Tatted Earrings

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Needle Tatted lace earrings!

You don't need to know how to needle tat to follow this instructable.

For the burgundy center's, the thread I used was thicker than the black, giving the earrings extra contrast, but if you would prefer to use the same size thread for both parts, I have provided a pattern for that.

This is my first instructable, I hope you like it! I have tried to make this as comprehensive as possible, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask :)

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Step 1: Gather Materials!

You will need:

1. Size 5 Tatting needle

2. Black 2 Ply Perle No. 5 Mercerised cotton

3. Burgundy 3 ply cotton

4. Scissors

5. Needle-nose Pliers'

6. 2 x Jump rings

7. 2 x Ear wires

Step 2: Choose Your Pattern!

Use the pattern 'A' if you are using the same sized thread for both colours.

If you chose to use a larger thread for the center like I did, use pattern 'B'.

Step 3: Measure Tail Thread!

Using your centre colour, pull 10 cm of thread through the needle.

Measure (but don't cut) 40 cm of thread from needle eye towards ball of thread. This is called the tail thread, and your first Double Stitch starts here.

Step 4: The Double Stitch...

First half of the Double-Stitch.

1-2. Holding tail thread (at 40 cm mark) with needle, take thread behind and around index finger, then slide needle up and underneath thread, forming the first half of the Double Stitch (DS).

The second half of the Double Stitch is just the same as the first, but backwards! To form it...

3-5. Take thread across the front of index finger, around the back and under, forming a loop. Pass needle through, and slide knot down to the first.

6. Make four more Double Stitches along needle. In total you should have five.

If you make a mistake, just slide knots back off needle and start again :)

Note: Double Stitch, DS and ds, all mean the same thing!

Step 5: Now for a Picot! (pea-ko)

A picot (P) is just a gap between two Double Stitches.

I find it helpful, after making the first half of the DS, to place my fingertip over the gap, keeping it in place whilst making the second half of the DS.

Remember! The larger the gap, the longer the picot will be.

Continue making DS’s and picots’ until you have: 5ds P 5ds P 5ds P 5ds

Step 6: Make a Ring!

You should now have twenty knots and three picots on your needle.

1-2. Slide knots off the needle and onto the tail thread. But DO NOT PULL TAIL THREAD ALL THE WAY THROUGH!

3. To form your ring, pass needle through loop, and gently pull tight. Tie off with an overhand knot as shown.

Step 7: Making a Chain

1. Place needle on top of the ring, crossing the join.

2-3. Make 14 Double Stitches taking care that the first Double Stitch sits tightly against the ring.

4. To close the chain, slide knots along needle and onto the tail thread, this time pulling the thread all the way through. Gently pull on the tail thread until your chain is nicely curved. Close with an overhand knot.

Step 8: More Ring's and Chain's!

1. To make the second ring, place needle across the end of the chain, and knot: 5ds p 5ds p 5ds p 5ds.

Slide knots off needle onto tail thread, pass needle through loop and tighten so that this second ring is the same size as the first ring. Close with an overhand knot.

2. For the second chain pass needle through the last Double Stitch of the previous chain, and then make 14 ds.

3. Continue making the chains and rings until you have four of each, but don’t close the last chain.

Step 9: Join It Together and Iron It Flat!

1-2. Poke needle down through the first Double Stitch of the first ring, and pull until the chain and ring join. Now tie two over hand knots.

3. Cut both threads, leaving about 15 cm. Using needle, tuck ends along under two or three of the Double Stitch’s of the ring. Trim.

4-6. To find the back, look for were you tucked in the ends, and iron on this side.
The ironing process flattens this side of the tatting and can make it look a little shiny. Center’s Done!

Step 10: The Outside Layer...

1-2. Thread needle with the contrasting colour. Poke needle through the Double Stitch closest to the join of the ring, and pull through.

3. Make a chain: 8ds. Close with an overhand knot.

4. Make a ring: 4ds p 4ds close.

4. And another chain: 8ds. Don’t close this chain as we will be joining it to the burgundy ring.

Step 11: Joining to Burgundy Ring

1. Poke needle through Double Stitch of next ring and pull down and through, making sure that the ball thread passes underneath.

2. Turn work over, and poke needle down through Double Stitch on the opposite side of the ring.

Continue making chains and rings for the remaining three sides.

Pro Tip!

When starting a chain next to the burgundy ring, make the first Double Stitch as close as possible to the ring. This just makes it tidier :)

Step 12: Almost There...

1-2. To finish outer layer, pass needle through a Double Stitch of the ring, and tie with two overhand knots. Tuck both ends through two or three Double Stitch's of the ring. Trim.

You have now completed the tatting! Whohoo!

3-4. Attaching Earwires

Take a jump-ring and pass it through top picot of burgundy ring. Add earwire and close jump-ring.

Step 13: Done!


Tell me what you think of my instructable, anything I could improve on? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    that's an amazing DIY,so i trust i can give a pair of earrings as my style,thanks for ur sharing!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is cool! I've never tried needle tatting before, but your earrings turned out so cute I might have to give it a go. Thanks for sharing!