DIY Night Cycle Indicator

Introduction: DIY Night Cycle Indicator

Hello Guys !!!!

Today we are going to make a cap or helmet mounted indicator.As we know that how dangerous it is to cycle at nights when there are no lights. We can't indicate easily when we have to turn. But no need to worry As I have got solution for this problem.

So are you ready??

Let's start......

I'll first tell you how it functions. It'll work when you tilt your head. Suppose you want to turn left if you are wearing it and tilt your head to left then a light will switch on in a arrow made towards left side automatically. So no need for any switches.

Come on then!!!!!!!!!

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Step 1: Materials Required

The materials required to make Night cycle indicator are -:

  • Three Mercury switch
  • Some White Acrylic Sheet (but light should be able to pass through it)
  • A small cardboard box
  • 1 Red LED And 2 Green LED Or 3 RGB led's
  • Box Cutter
  • Paints(optional)
  • Tape
  • Resistor (10 ohm's)
  • Small rechargeable Li-ion Battery(3v) Or coin cell with holder
  • Rubber Band or Belt( to tie the box with back or helmet)
  • OR
  • Super glue ( to fix box with helmet)
  • Some wires
  • One Slide Switch

Step 2: Cutting

First of all we need to cut two arrow shapes(right and left) and one circle(for brake).

First draw them with a pencil or pen and then cut it with blade. (Note : Cut the shapes on flat side or the face of box) Take a small piece of white acrylic sheet and paste it from inside of box.

Now you have to cut three small pieces from any thin cardboard and paste them in standing position as partitions between the three shapes so that if one light switches on then it doesn't come in others too.(Make the partition with holes so that LED's can be put in their respective slot)

Step 3: Painting and Decorating

Now its time to make your indicator look attractive. So we'll paint it with different colors or color of your choice.

You can even use some decoration material of your choice.

Step 4: Wiring and Circuit

Now its time to make its circuit.

So! Make the circuit as shown in the image.(breadboard not required as the circuit is to be fit in small box)(grey ones are mercury switches).

Now, arrange the circuit in the box.

Make a small hole to fit the switch.

Step 5: Adjustment and Testing

Placement of mercury switches

Adjust the mercury switches in such a position with help of Super Glue such that when the box is tilted towards the right, the circuit of right arrow's LED gets complete and it glows.


Adjust the leftward mercury switch.

The mercury switch connected with red LED should be connected in such a way that when the box is tilted backwards, the circuit gets complete.


Switch on the circuit and check the glowing of LED's by tilting in the box in the right,left and backward direction.

Step 6: Troubleshooting

If any one of the LED's is not glowing then do the following -:

  1. Check the LED's with some other batteries.
  2. Check the connections of wires.
  3. Take care while handling the Li-ion battery as it may even catch fire on short circuit.
  4. Do check if there is any problem in the mercury switch.(one of it's leg may be broken).

Step 7: Almost Done

Fit the wires in the box.

Seal the box completely with Cello-Tape.(You can even seal it such that you are able to use even when it rains)

Attach the box with helmet or cap and -

You are ready go cycling...........

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