DIY Night Light for Bike (Blue)

Introduction: DIY Night Light for Bike (Blue)

The thing that makes night life so appealing are the bright lights against the dark environment. Red, yellow, green and the sheer number of flickering lights in the night grab our attention and are visually appealing. The color blue is soothing and calming and so is riding bikes. What if you combine these two? Bikes are cool but have you ever seen a bike with lights? If your answer is no then we’re going to show how to make your very own personalized Blue Night Bike Lights (we’re still working on that name).

- LED Strips (blue)

- 9-volt battery

- Wires

- Push button switch


- Glue Gun

- Solder machine

- Wire cutter

- Super Glue

- Acto knife

- Black tape

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Step 1: Unscrewing the Mudguard.

  • Remove the cycle mudguard and wash it properly.

Step 2: Working With the Lights.

  • Take the measurements of the inner side of the mudguard.
  • Now, cut the LED strip according to the measurements taken. Then measure the amount of the connecting wires to be used for joining the LED strips.
  • Solder the connecting wires with the LED strip and make sure to connect the ‘+’ terminal to the ‘+’ and ‘- ‘terminal to the ‘- ‘ so as to make the circuit parallel.
  • Now paste the LED strips to the inner side of the mudguard.
  • Use black tape to secure the connecting wires in place and also to make the whole setup look neat.

Step 3: Circuitry.

  • After sticking the LED strips in place take a long wire from the ‘-‘ terminal from the LED strip and solder it directly to the ‘-‘ end of the battery clip.
  • Now the ‘+’ terminal of the LED strip is connected to the ‘+’ terminal of the battery clip via a switch. The wire connections are done using solder machine.
  • The switch is fixed above the mudguard using glue gun/superglue for the convenience. Now, the battery is fixed on a suitable place in the inner side of the mudguard with reference to the position of the battery clip.
  • Now test out the circuit.

Step 4: Finishing Touches.

  • Connect the mudguard back into its place.
  • Now repeat the same with the other mudguard for a awesome experience.
  • Take your bike out for the ride of a lifetime.


When the battery needs to be replaced peel off the old battery and a new battery is fixed in its place using glue gun/superglue.

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    If doing something this simple makes it this sick.. Everyone will find it as a delight


    1 year ago

    i really like your idea. it's so simple yet beautiful. Best of luck