DIY No Borax 2 Ingredient Slime!



Introduction: DIY No Borax 2 Ingredient Slime!

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You know all those cool YouTube videos that tell you how to make slime, but then it turns out you have to use some weird chemical called borax that you don't have or your parents don't let you use? Then this is for you! 2 ingredient slime, NO borax! And it's super easy! Materials:

~ cup/bowl

~ toothpick/spoon

~liquid glue

~any laundry detergent, I use Tide

And that's it!

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Step 1: Glue!

I used Elmer's glue, the clear one. I filled about half the cup. Keep in mind that how much glue you put is about how much slime you will have, so don't overdue it.

Step 2: Tide!

Next, add your Tide. I used about half or a third as much as I put glue, and that worked pretty well, so I'd say do half. The Tide turns your slime blue, so you'll only be able to color it cool colors, like blue and green and purple. If you want other colors, then you might have to use a different laundry detergent.

Step 3: Mix!

Mix it with a toothpick or spoon! It might not seem like it's mixing, but keep doing it until it gets kind of foggy and it starts to stay in one big clump of slime.

Step 4: Mix 2

Pick it up and mix it with your hands. It might seem really sticky, but the more you mix it, the un-stickier (IDK) it gets. If it's still sticky after a while, add some Tide into it to make it better.

Step 5: Done!

You're done! This can be used for basically anything, for birthdays, if your bored, I don't really care. So yea. Bye!

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