DIY No-Sew Cardigan




Introduction: DIY No-Sew Cardigan

So I got this shirt roughly 10 years ago. And I keep on keeping it because I like the stripes or something…and maybe the colors. But I can’t wear it because a) it’s too short and b) it’s too thick to layer with anything. And in the middle of last week’s closet-purging, in a blinding stroke of genius, I decided to make it a cardigan. But the fastest, kind of laziest way possible.

For this project, you'll need: an old shirt, scissors, a ruler, hem tape, thread, 1 button, and an iron.

Step 1: Step 1: Cut

Use a ruler to draw a straight line down the front center of your shirt.....and cut.

Step 2: Step 2: Hem

Following the manufacturer's directions, hem the cut edges using your hem tape and iron.

Step 3: Step 3: Button

Pick an oversized button and sew it on one of the sides where a normal button should theoretically go. It’s just for show so it looks like a legit cardigan. We’re not going to dilly-dally with making a button hole or anything because that’s just out of the realm of my patience.

Step 4: Step 4: Show It Off

Now wear that bad boy with every single thing currently hanging in your closet. It will either match or not match in a very purposeful looking way. You've earned bragging rights.



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    This is amazing I have 2pj tops I've cut like this and didn't know how to finish .thank you, let you know if it works...

    Wooow, it's a great idea!!! ??
    Thank you for the tip ?

    This simple idea sparked a few new ones for me. I have lace collars that I've removed from other pieces of apparel and, yes, I'll definitely bring out those fancy buttons for a pop of bling. Thanks for this.

    This no sew cardigan has the strangest instructions! they're so incomplete- Who posts tutorials on this site? after you see the just for looks button, how do you actually close the cardigan??? There's no belt, snap or button hole. someone didn't think this through.

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    She clearly stated that she did the fake button on purpose, so before u criticize someone elses idea, make sure u actually read it thru. if u want a belt, snap or button hole, then do as others and modify it for yourself instead of critiquing the way she chose her design.

    On mine I stitched down the hem and I made a button hole


    Cool!! I have the perfect shirt to do that with too!! And Ive got TONS of buttons. I think Ill actually stitch the hem down, Ive had some serious bad luck with hem tape :/

    omg got to try this great idea

    omg that us a brilliant idea well done i am deffo doing that

    Very nice! Gotta head to my closet now. Thanks for the post.

    You could handsew a loop of cord or something the other side to the button so that it would actually button up (without having to do a buttonhole).

    So good. And what a great excuse to break out some fancy buttons!

    I love it! I love being able to transform old clothes. I think it turned out really cute!