DIY Notebook Covers & Bookmarks

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Intro: DIY Notebook Covers & Bookmarks

This is my "Back to School" DIY project..In this video I have shown how to make two different types of notebook covers(one with DIY stickers and the other one with my secret thread art ;) ) and cute bookmarks. Watch the video and enjoy.. :)

Things you will need:

1.Sticker Notebook Cover: For the first one you will need white paper, print-outs of your favorite cartoons, sparkle or glitter pens, scissors and glue.

2.Thread Art: For this one you will need a thread of medium thickness, some poster colors, white papers, paint brushes and water.

3.Bookmarks: This is an easy one. You will need cardboards, print-outs of anything you like, glue, scissors and glitter pens.


Watch the video. :)


THANKS FOR WATCHING!! Hope you enjoyed this video...if you have any question, feel free to ask me...I'm happy to help...

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