DIY Organic Bugspray

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Step 1:

Bugs bugs bugs, the word itself is discusting. I am going to teach you how to make an awesome bugspray that doubles as topical pain reliever!

Step 2:

You will need the following essential oils

Eucalyptus oil

Lemongrass oil
Winter green oil

And also olive oil

Step 3:

You will also need some sort of "carrier" hence a Misto or spray bottle

Step 4:

Now for the magical recipe

For a 3-4 oz container

8 drops euclyptus

5 drops wintergreen

8 drops lemongrass oil

1/2 container filled with olive oil

And, also a reminder to kids and adults. This should not go in your mouth, eyes, nose, or any other pathway into your body!!! :-)



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