DIY Organizer for Electronic Components




Introduction: DIY Organizer for Electronic Components

This is a handy and cheap DIY solution for electronica hobbyists that require a compact storage system for their electronic components.

Most storage solutions I've seen for resistors, caps, diodes, transistors, crystals, switches etc' involve some sort of plastic box with compartments solution which I find uncomfortable and cumbersome when you are the experimental weekend breadborder type. They require allot of storage space and when you need a wide range of components available on your workbench with different types and values these boxes will take allot of the work space.

Therefor I made myself this mini "Folder cabinet" storage solution using the available stackable boxes I had and some drinking straws (which are more than sufficient to handle the weight of small electronic components). This way I can have all my resistors, capacitors etc' available on my workbench without it taking up to much space or having 2-3 flat compartment boxes clogging up my work area, and by color marking the small zip bag holders using some insulation tape (or different colored drinking straws) I can also organize each type of component according to specific values or whatever definition I need my comps to be organized.

Watch the video for instructions on how to make them yourself.

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    3 years ago

    My method is to put them in book form with photo album type plastic folders and the components grouped together and in size order in each of the plastic envelopes . I seal each envelope end with a strip of double sided rubber tape . Needs a better solution for that part but the albums are brilliant when you want to take them to a job


    Reply 3 years ago

    That is a nice idea!