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Introduction: DIY – Origami Magic Ball Lamp

Finally I have finished my first lamp project: Folding lamp with magic balls.

I have dealt me the last two months very intense and so there are many different variants and templates created (which can be seen in my Flickr account). I had to try a lot, with the paper, with different intervals. So I get it, and here are some versions that can be easily implemented.You need:Paper (120 gr. min.)rulerfolding bone (or a needle)gluecable

Step 1:

I started by I folded the paper in half, and then keep going, came to the same wide bars.

After folding, I have drawn using my ruler and the folding bone above the pattern. You can also just fold, but I find it is easier to define the lines in advance, so that the folds will be easier.

Step 2:

Once the lines are drawn, you can start with the folding.

Step 3:

I always start, as can be seen in the picture below, the corners.

Step 4:

Go ahead with the folding as you see it on the picture.

After folding glue the paper at the ends or staple them together, depending on the strength of the paper. At the the end punch some holes for the string. You need this, to hold the Lamp together. (Possibly with a lamp holder)

Step 5:

It is important that you use energy saving lamp with not more than 30 watts or LED lamps in order to prevent the generation of heat. (EU Norm)

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    20 Discussions

    What kid of paper did u use a4 or regular printer

    It is just a simple and fantastic lamp~!Very fascinating~

    Since I am just a freshman in DIY, this may be an easy beginning for me~~~

    If I've made it perfectly, I would consider to present it to my GF as her birthday gift!!

    What a beautiful lamp! And very well explained - I'd like to give it a try immediately :)

    Is this a traditional origami technique or did you come up with it?

    4 replies

    It is a traditional origami folding, but the idea of the lamp is all mine! ;-)

    I have to confess I haven't seen this type of folding before - I always thought origami is just making boxes and little birds out of paper...

    I guess I should look into origami a bit. It seems to be far more interesting ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Okay, I'm convinced ;)

    And thats a really nice blog, well worth visiting!

    I love your lamp. I would love to see a picture of your lamp lit. Also, may I suggest you to change your main picture to something like the one in step 5 which captures more detail.

    Awesome !!! :)

    4 replies

    Hello Tarun,
    thanks for your nice comment. I will change it, and maybe I can take some new pictures, where you can see the lamp better.

    Actually, I wanted to enter the contest with my other lamp, but I couldn't because I publish it before the 16th july.

    lg, perihan

    I'm so glad that you made this one :). Looking forward for the picture and you other lamp is so cool too :)

    Awesome! The origami folds are so neat. Love this. Will try it soon :)

    Your Origami folds are really nice and neat :-)

    I still haven't got into origami. I only remember doing a tulip when I was a kid. I must go through your instructables and check it out with my daughter. Perhaps it would be a good bonding experience ;-)

    1 reply